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Kevin Nash fuels the Internet fires with more Diesel!

Yet again, Kevin Nash has fed the trolls with another inflammatory interview, this time for

The interview itself is revealing on a number of levels, first it offers a very personal look at Nash’s psychological problems ranging from his famed ‘heart-attack’ in 97 to the seemingly constant monetary worries that keep him awake at night, literally.

Second it includes the sort of sweeping exaggerations (or flat out lies, depending on your opinion/perspective!) that we’ve come to expect, nee demand, of a Kevin Nash interview! In this case he claims that Steve Austin stole his gimmick from Nash, namely his use of the glass smash & dragging the belt rather than wearing it. Seems a bit of a stretch but at least he accepts that Austin took the gimmick to a level he could not. What modesty!

I’m doing a title sequence for a short film for a production company down South, this weekend passed I was on set shooting some footage for it.

Myself, Cammy & Boggis spent a wet and windy Saturday afternoon in deepest darkest Bothwell in a Cub Scout Hall battling a low budget and a Paglight with that kept breaking!

I’d like to thank Bogey and Cammy for giving up their Saturday to help me get some great footage, I would have been lost without you. Also I’d like to thank Anton for getting us the hall to shoot in, Jenny at Summerlee for the loan of the vintage props and Simon Blackwood at NLC Tech Services for the science gear too.

Some shots from the shoot.


Click below to see more pics.

Where Is Randy Savage?!

…and will Mr Perfect be in his corner!!!

I found the website while surfing GorillaMask the other day and found myself compelled to have a go at some Photoshop work in a challenge with my good acquaintance, Sir Steven of Swayze. Here are the fruits of my labour, I will post Steve’s when he uploads them too.

World Collabs #3 | Signalnoise | Abduzeedo

I decided to enter the Abduzeedo World Collab project this weekend. Basically every month Abduzeedo gets an established artist to contribute a half finished piece of work and throws it open to the world to finish it.

Find out more at Abduzeedo’s site.

It’s a brave project, and a real testament to the shift in the design community away from the “trade secrets” attitude to one of a community that shares and works together. I’ve been a big fan of James’ work some time now, and this was a great chance to work with him, kind of!

Anyway, below is my final piece submission, along with the original files and some of the other options I looked at. I had some Tron & Back to the Future based ideas also, if I get time to go back and finish them I’ll post them too. Enjoy.

We are currently working through the promotional materials for next years Lensheads Film & Animation courses. After the photosoot on Saturday the first piece has came out the machine, the A6 flyer:

Click the images to view them at a higher res: